Schools & Classes using Becoming a Citizen Activist as a textbook


The Global Hunt for Civic Intelligence – Spring 2017

Instructors – Douglas Schuler & Kathy Kelly Course Overview The book will be used to highlight civic intelligence as the ability of groups of diverse sizes and composition to address shared significant issues effectively and equitably. This can take the shape of new approaches to social service or the form of new initiatives supporting economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Jackson School of International Studies

Digital Storytelling And Global Citizenship – Spring 2016

Instructor – Anastasios George Lagos  Course Overview  The book is used to explore the idea of social change as it relates to global citizenship (besides involving the ability to move easily around different countries and cultures, global citizens are also active social change agents) and as a “how-to” book on making a difference in the community.


Arts Leadership – Advocacy, Public Policy and Collaboration in the Arts – Fall Quarter 2015

Instructor: Kevin Hughes  Course Overview  This class will examine American public policies that impact the arts. We will look at the social, political, and economic principles and attitudes that impact policy development; at the controversies surrounding arts policies and funding and advocacy strategies to affect change; and at how to become an effective advocate for your institution or issue. By the end of the quarter, the class should be able to develop a comprehensive advocacy strategy for any issue. We will look at the history of arts funding; the basics of lobbying/advocacy; how to identify all the pieces of an effective campaign and put them together into an action plan; and how to engage your supporters to assist in the success of your campaign.


Activism –Peace and Conflict Studies – Fall Quarter 2015

Instructor – Craig Auchter Ph. D.  Course Overview  The book is used to stimulate discussion on what citizen activism can achieve in pursuing policies that pursue peace.


Media for Social Change (BA completion program) – Summer 2016

Instructor – B. J. Bullert, Ph.D.  Course Overview Media for Social Change explores how citizens can create media that impacts public discourse and particular policies. By analyzing case studies of effective, local social justice campaigns, we examine the power of non-elite media practitioners to define issues, using images, metaphors, data and stories.  Given the course will take place during election season, we will also follow the framing of local and national political campaigns tracking how political candidates, the issues and the citizenry are depicted in mainstream and alternative media.  Finally, we will step up and create our own media for social change projects, based on relevant and timely issues, and recent research in political communication studies.