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Republicans woo Libertarians, Democrats ignore them – at their peril.

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Extremism of Student Protests Today and in the ’60s

To achieve peace and protect our democracy, political leaders and protest organizers must condemn all extremism. They must speak above the chants and accusations by asserting that we are all American citizens.

Banning TikTok – concerning National Security, Civil Rights & Investments 

In the last week of April, Congress passed, and President Biden signed, a law banning TikTok in the United States if its parent company,...

The Digital Era Will Ignite Revolutions – as Did the Print Era

The breakthrough technologies of the printing press and data digitization allow the masses to access information. That flood of new information crumbled the legitimacy...

How Russia and China Pursue a Soft Regime Change in America

Both Russia and China are manipulating our democratic election process to benefit their foreign policies. Russia has been attempting a soft regime change in America...

Biden vs Trump Administration on creating jobs and better wages for blue-color workers

While immigration and abortion are the two hottest issues driving voters' passion, the national economy has remained one of the public’s top three concerns...

Haley Could Threaten Trump’s Hold on the Republican Party

Nikki Haley listens to Gov. Ron DeSantis, Photo by Charlie Neibergall, AP