Booklist Online – May 18, 2016

Becoming a Citizen Activist: Stories, Strategies, & Advice for Changing Our World.

Licata, Nick (Author)
Jan 2016. 224 p. Sasquatch, hardcover, $16.95. (9781632170446). 324.20.

This little book is part grassroots-activism and community-organizing textbook and part progressive- politics biography. In addition to sharing practical wisdom, Licata’s writing documents his long and interesting career in politics. He motivates the reader by sharing stories of unassuming citizens who started with small steps to become increasingly empowered and bring about significant change in a wide variety of social-justice campaigns. While the first half of the book is laden with stories, the advice that is packed into them is powerful. Those looking for a primer on how to jump in to local politics can start reading at chapter six—from there through the end, the strategies and advice keep rolling. Becoming a Citizen Activist delivers what the subtitle promises and includes an unexpected reading list at the end. Don’t pick this one up if you aren’t interested in progressive-politics history—do pick it up if you want to learn activism through demonstrated examples and the experiences (including both wins and losses) of a seasoned pro.

— Joyce McIntosh